Zombie Attack is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Zombie Attack
Cast Ben, Chad, Destin, Corey, Nick, Bryan, Craig, Jose, Ryan, Jared
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Left 4 Dead 2

Synopsis Edit

Ben tries to introduce the Clip of the Week, but the lights go out. Ben walks into a room which contains a panicking Craig and Corey demanding to close the door because of zombies. Chad explains that after killing Destin last week, they threw him in the trash, and an intern threw out their radioactive copy of Left 4 Dead. Now, Destin has risen from the dead, is backed by the Swedish Mafia and is gathering an army of undead people to boycott Left 4 Dead 2.

The zombies get Jose and Bryan. Despite Chad stating that there are no zombies, Zombie Destin enters from the bathroom yelling 'Boycott'. Craig tries to fight him, but Destin bitch-slaps him. Craig calls out to the others saying that he is injured very unenthusiastically. Chad, Ben and Corey walk into a room with weapons. Chad tries to get the others to stay quiet, but Ben gets excited when he sees a sword. Corey gets a really big gun, and Chad thinks its unfair. The three walk down the hallway with their weapons when Ben sneezes, and Corey is kidnapped.

It cuts to a room with Zombie Destin, Bryan, Jose, Ryan and Nick who are killing Corey.

Back to Ben and Chad, who have just faced a whole lot of zombies. Ben has killed 4, while Chad has killed 312. They can heal Corey making noises, when suddenly Ben yells that that he found a Pipe Bomb. Corey screams and chases after them. The zombies corner Ben and Chad, and zombie Ryan is pushed into a wall by zombie Destin. Ben has an idea. He shows the zombies the Left 4 Dead 2 trailer. Zombie Destin is intrigued. Jared appears behind the zombies with a Nerf gun, sees what is happening, and leaves. Zombie Destin calls the boycott off. The other zombies call him a traitor, and attack him.

It then cuts to Destin, who is telling a story about why online boycotts don't work. Next time he will discuss Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and servers. Bryan and Chad applaud. Jose screams "NO!" and hides his head in his hoodie. Bryan and Chad applaud again.

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