Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses will make you cry man-tears is a video from 2012.

Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses will make you cry man-tears
Upload Date October 30th 2012
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The orchestra is shown. Craig is interviewing Jason Michael Paul, the CEO & Executive Producer behind the orchestra. They had to return to do the show again after how much of a success it was the first time. Dallas kicked off the tour 11 months earlier, and now they are back. Craig asks how many men in the audience are crying like little children. Jason raises his hand. The show is designed to bring out those emotions. They have 66 musicians and 24 choir members.

Jeron Moore is the Producer and Creative Director. He is a local in Dallas. He was getting choked up watching tonight's show. He's always had an ear for music and always been a gamer. He remembers watching the Lord of the Rings Symphony, and wondered why there wasn't one for Zelda. Now they get to work with the people at Nintendo!

This team helped with the 25th Anniversary of Zelda, as well as working at E3. Jeron has met the Nintendo team at E3 and was jumping up and down! The choir was going to be on the stage, but there was barely enough room for the violinist!

At the 25th Anniversary Symphony in LA, Mr Namuna had not seen any of the footage prepared for the show, and Miyamoto's translator bought in Jeron with Mr Namuna sitting next to him just before the show. Jeron was worried as they wouldn't be able to make any changes to the show. The next 45 minutes was spent on Mr. Namuna reminissing and laughing with Jeron.

Once they were done, Mr. Namuna said "Excellent work". Jason goes over the schedule for where they are going to after Dallas. They will go worldwide in 2013. Craig wants to travel with him!

The website is

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