Winner's Don't Use Drugs is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Winner's Don't Use Drugs
Cast Nick, Bryan, Sean, Drake, Craig, Ben, Jared, Lauren, Chad, Sam
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date September 15th 2012
Clip / Ad Winner's Don't Use Drugs

Synopsis Edit

Nick whispers to introduce the Clip of the Week. Since drugs make heads explode, Nick has put drugs in everybody's lunches to make sure that everyone participates in the clip this week!

Nick asks Bryan to be in the clip. Bryan shrugs, and his head explodes.

Sean says that he doesn't have time, and his head explodes.

Nick starts to ask Drake, but moves onto Craig who is listening to music. Craig would love to be in the clip.

Nick asks a tired looking Ben if he wants to be in the clip. He says no, and his head explodes.

Nick attempts to convince Craig to not be in the clip, but Craig will put everything down in order to be in the clip.

Jared has to work on Newsroom, so he can't be in the clip, and he explodes. Lauren notices that Jared has exploded, and now has to work on Newsroom alone. She also explodes.

Nick walks into the Screwin' Around room where Sam and Chad are hosting and asks them to be in the clip. They both agree, but Nick insists on doing it right now, and they both say that they can't. 

They both explode.

Craig says that he wanted to help Nick out, and dedicated his time to do the clip. Craig also noticed the blood all around the office.

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