What other crazy S&#@ did we do at E3? | Outtakes
Upload Date June 2015
Hosts Shaun, Sean
Series Advantage Content


Note: The correct title is What other crazy S&#@ did we do at E3? | Outtakes.

Shaun and Sean got up to some crazy things at E3 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Shaun waits for people to walk by. Shaun struggles to say hospitality. Sean is asked which one is the slider. All of them are. Shaun wants something to happen on the stage. Shaun tries to get their attention. Things are being thrown into the crowd, and someone gets there before Shaun can, and he yells at them. Shaun and Sean see someone try to get into the Mad Max car.

Sean commentates the rotating car. Sean dances. Shaun talks about the helipad in the convention center. A light goes onto his face. Shaun prepares to fight someone on the helipad. Shaun yells at Destiny for making noise when he is recording a video.

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