What's Activision got in store for 2012? is a preview of Activisions E3.

What's Activision got in store for 2012?
Upload Date June 6th 2012
Hosts Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Bryan is coming from the past to show what Activision have to show in their pre-E3 lineup. Bryan starts with Fall of Cybertron. The fights are big. There are individual missions for each individual transformer. Bryan discusses how Starscream works. The standout is Grimlock. It is all about the melee. He has to wreck enough stuff in order to transform into his T-rex form.

Next up is Skylanders Giant. There are 12 new Skylanders and of course the giants which are pretty big! What you thought you couldn't do in Skylanders, you can do with the Giants. The giants can pick up parts of the environment and use them as weapons! The level cap has gone from 10 to 15.

The final game is The Amazing Spiderman. It looks pretty good. The combat seems to take inspiration from Arkham City. It is a different take on the Marvel universe. Bryan is curious to see where this world will go.

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