Welcome to the Cockpit is a video from 2007.

Welcome to the Cockpit
Upload Date some time in 2007
Hosts Jamie, the Production and Marketing Co-ordinator of Gamecock, Tom
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The Production and Marketing Co-ordinator Jamie - dressed in a mask, cape and gloves welcomes the viewer to GameCock. He is showing us around the Cockpit. He introduces to the bathroom under the stairs and the storage room.

The next room is the demo room. He humps a chicken on the wall. Tom enters, showing that they were in PentHouse. Jamie shows their incredible conference room, and shows off the table. An 8-page spread in another magazine about them is shown. Jamie heads towards the reception area.

Jamie introduces the sales co-ordinator. The reception area is shown, and some artwork is shown on the wall. Jamie shows his office. There are roosters everywhere. Jamie shows off other people's offices.

He heads upstairs, and says that the building was the first hospital in Austin, and the building may be haunted! Jamie closes the doors to a room they aren't allowed to show. Jamie shows the kitchen. There are several toasters with roosters on them. There is an owl statue on the patio. They needed the owl because there were hobos outside. The computing room is briefly shown, and they have a massage room.

Jamie gives Tom a massage. As they leave, Jamie tells the viewer to check out all the games they are making, and the cameraman walks away, revealing Tom awkwardly still standing at the building. Jamie continues to try to keep them there, shouting across the street!

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