Welcome to Natal is a video from 2011.

Welcome to Natal
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Craig, Jared, Ben, Bryan, Nick, Jose, Destin, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Andrew Blake, PhD (Craig) is a deputy managing director at Microsoft Research. He plays with a transformer and states that registering someone's body movement, you need a ruler or something, but with Natal, you just need to get off the couch!

Don Mattrick (Jared), Senior Vice President of XBox says that Natal is about controlling games, sorting menus, hitting balls etc. Everything you ever wanted to do, and could with a controller, is now available with Natal.

Jamie Shotton, PhD (Ben) is a researcher and Microsoft Research. He will be so rich after this, as lots of stupid people will buy it! It will be great!

Alex Kipman (Bryan), is the director of Incubation at Xbox. He states that they have music guys, drawing guys, researches etc. He gets to sit on his ass and talk as they do all the work!

Don says that Natal is like sex. It is doing something you love. Moving your hands around. Dom has to clarify that he has had sex.

Todd Holmdahl (Nick), the Corporate VP, Hardware for Xbox says that they knew they were on to something when they asked some guys to jump around like idiots! There was one guy who jumped around like a complete moron. The girl who was there fell over laughing.

Back to Andrew, who suggests that they will sell it for a lot more than it is worth. It is like an expensive camera!

Andrew Fitzgibben, PhD (Jose), is the Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research. Natal can do anything. It's like looking at a billion trillion movements.

Kudo Tsunoda (Destin), Creative Director, project Natal at Xbox says Natal will be the best game ever. He wears sunglasses indoors as he jumps around. He's cooler than you!

Jamie thinks it is better than something fun, like playing a console with a controller instead! Todd goes through the calculations and confuses himself. Natal is like a magician. Andrew Fitzgibben says that their goal is to do the least work and get the most money out of it. He wonders why he is the only brown person in this video.

Peter Molyneux (Chad) is the Creative Director at Lionhead Studios.  He talks about the idea of talking and controlling things, and controlling and touching fake water by moving his hands around. His papers were filled with ideas (the paper has a picture of Peter with lots of money). Don mistakenly says that people will buy the Wii - before correcting himself. They will cash in on the Wii audience. He puts his hands in the air. This is the future.

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