Weirdest Zelda Commercial Ever is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Weirdest Zelda Commercial Ever
Cast Ben, Jose, Craig, Chad, Destin, possibly Bryan
Intro Host Angel / Ben
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad The Legend of Zelda
Link Unavailable

Synopsis Edit

Angel steals the introduction stating that it is time for SGC. Ben enters wondering what's going in, and Angel leaves telling him that he has a nice shirt.

After seeing the clip, Ben makes fun of the guy in the clip. He then teases that he will announce what SGC means. Just before he does, the clip turns into a rickroll with Never Gonna Give You Up playing.

In this scene, it begins with Ben dancing followed by Craig. It then crosses to Jose and Destin who are dancing awkwardly. Ben dances in front of Chad, Destin, Jose and possibly Bryan. Crosses back to Jose, Craig and Ben dancing on their own. Jose starts pelvic thrusting to Destin, who gets creeped out and leaves. Chad then spins around several times and then jumps. The camera goes back to Ben. In the end, Jose, Destin, Ben, Chad and Bryan are standing in a line clapping and moving to the music when suddenly Chad punches Ben in the balls. Chad hates rick-rolls.

Craig interviews Ben about how he feels. Ben is upset about being attacked, and Craig makes fun of his idea and everyone else laughs. Ben dances away.

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