Wee Mote is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Wee Mote
Cast Ben, Chad, Craig (narrator), Nick
Intro Host Corey (with Jose)
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Uro Club

Synopsis Edit

Corey is disgusted by the Uro Club.

Craig narrates and demonstrates with Nick as being one of those people who never gets off their ass. Nick is shown to have wet his pants. 

It then crosses to Ben who is playing with his Wee Mote. He pees into it, as Chad walks in and sits next to him, not realizing what Ben is doing - until the unsubtle alert that the Wee MOte is full is heard, and Chad is horrified. Ben tries to cover up by swaying that Mario is in this game. Chad then takes the Wee Mote off of Ben to play, and swings the remote. Ben's pee goes everywhere, and Chad is horrified. He goes to throw up in a bin.

Coming soon is another Wee Mote for other forms of release.

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