We played Super Mario 3D World in a weird van! is a video from 2013.

We played Super Mario 3D World in a weird van!
Upload Date October 31st 2013
Hosts Sam
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sam just finished playing Super Mario 3D World in the Nintendo van. It either runs on star power, or an extremely loud generator in the back of the truck. Mario is pretty fun. Sam played as Peach in a cat suit for most of the time. Sam and Nick beat a boss. It's all about the cats!

You can tap on the touchscreen to stop bullet bills. They rode on a dinosaur that wasn't Yoshi. It was kind of cheating, and Yoshi wasn't available to give a statement on how he felt about it. The game is very smooth. Peach and Toad are probably on the other side of the truck. Peach was on the other side of the truck, but DK was there instead of Toad!

Games and strangers aren't as scary as your parent's say. If you see a stranger with a Nintendo van, hop right in! Unless he doesn't have a Nintendo shirt.

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