We have a green screen... Now You Edit is a video from 2013.

We have a green screen... Now You Edit
Upload Date January 28th 2013
Hosts Craig, Lauren, Chad, Nick, Sean
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Lauren wants to sit on her cow soldier! The crew have a green screen, and are giving the g1s a chance to edit a video! Chad is worried.

Craig whispers to the video that the fans can do whatever they want with the footage. He shows some examples. The first has Lauren flying through space. Chad appears acting like a monster. Chad and Lauren are holding onto Falkor from Never Ending Story.

Lauren is sitting on a chair with a high pitched voice. Lauren falls off the chair. Lauren pretends to fly through space. Chad is rocking on the chair trying to meditate on a magic carpet. Lauren pushes him off. Lauren and Chad are petting an animal.

Chad is surfing. Chad is dodging something. Chad puts a blanket over himself and pulls it away screaming like a monster. Chad and Lauren dance. Chad sees Lauren dancing, and walks away. Lauren continues dancing. Chad and Lauren are climbing.

Remember, no dicks!

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