We've seen Wreck-It Ralph and here are our First Impressions is a video from 2012.

We've seen Wreck-It Ralph and here are our First Impressions
Upload Date November 1st 2012
Hosts Sean and Bryan
Series One-offs


Synopsis Edit

Sean and Bryan want to share their first impressions on Wreck-It Ralph. It was a long drive to the other side of Dallas. The big parts of the trailers was the references. They did a good job working it into the movie. The references from actual characters came mostly from Japanese companies, but more western companies were in the form of parodies.

Kado rips the heart out of the zombie next to him. The story itself didn't focus on the games that they were referencing. Ralph is on his own quests. Sean discusses how the world of Wreck-It Ralph works. Bryan wants to talk about the characters and voice actors. Sean thought that Sergeant Calhoun would have been just in her own game, and was surprised to see her jumping through games with the other characters. She became Sean's favorite character because of her ridiculous back story.

This isn't just a kid's film. There are several side-plots. King Candy's safe is opened with the Konami code! The story is really good, as it didn't rely on their characters. Sean went in with the expectation that it was just a cash in, and was glad to see that it wasn't.

Everything was dropped in subtly, like the Mentos mountain or the fact that characters will die outside of their game. Bryan and Sean were expecting more from Sonic. If you enjoy video games or Disney / Pixar films, they highly recommend this film.

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