Ben and Chad show off the behind the scenes recording of a Death Battle episode.

Random Awesomeness: Want to see how we voice a DEATH BATTLE!? | Exclusive Advantage Content
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Ben, Chad, Shaun
Series Death Battle

Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

A sign on the sound booth says "The Door Do not open". Ben and Chad are recording their lines for Death Battle. Chad shows the tiny box that gets really hot. Now Shaun is in with them.

Chad sings the music in Boomstick's voice. They try several times to get it right. Chad messes up a few times. Ben needs to read fast enough to be faster then Chad. Chad has to flap the door open and close to has enough cool air to flow in on them. Ben and Chad read their lines.

Chad mentions that one of the lines has the worst pun ever. Ben distracts Chad with his eyebrows. Chad accidentally says 'sex', and they devolve into wondering if the characters could even have sex. Ben shows that his voice is barely different. Chad explains how his Boomstick voice hurts his throat. It used to be worse, but Chad found a way around it. The script for Goku vs Superman was insanely long. They had to record it in Chad's house.

Shaun is already incredibly uncomfortable. The door feels very refreshing. Ben and Chad record the outro. Chad tries different outros. Chad doesn't want to yell, and Ben says that he has to.

Trivia Edit

  • Sector vs Fulgore is the Death Battle being recorded.

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