Shaun and Sam kill each other in The Fight for Destiny.

Random Awesomeness: Want to see how we disemboweled Shaun? THE CLIP | Exclusive Advantage Content
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Sam, Shaun, John
Series Advantage Content

Clip of the Week


Synopsis Edit

Sam and Shaun slap and block each other's strikes. Shaun is amused by Sam's face. Sam kicks Shaun in the crotch, and Shaun needs to have a shot of him in pain. Shaun and Sam discuss the knife stabbing scene. Sam stabs with a sword. Sam tries to look sad, but laughs instead. Sam tries to scream in pain. Shaun also screams in horror. Sam screams while his eyes are being covered. Shaun has to push onto Sam's eyes so the bloodpacks leak. The sword is covered in blood. Shaun has organs falling out.

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