Waiting a Decade for Duke is a video from 2011.

Waiting a Decade for Duke
Upload Date August 2011
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is standing outside of a GameStop, and asks the viewer what they were doing ten years ago. He brings in Bill 'slash000'. Bill was in high school, playing Duke Nukem 3D. He was standing at the corner of the GameStop store behind them to preorder Duke Nukem Forever.

Craig asks him why he still has the receipt. After getting the receipt in 2001, the receipt became yellow and faded. It was pinned to a wall. Craig asks him what he feels about how the game will be.

Bill replies that he knows it has been through a rocky development, so if it is not the greatest game ever, it will be OK with him. Craig and Bill head into the store, but aren't allowed to film in there due to lame corporate rules.

After coming out, GameStop could not find Bill in the system. They are making calls to corporate. They are calling to double check on the reservation. Bill says that if they don't honor the preorder, it defeats the purpose of preordering. Craig says that if they don't honor it, Craig will buy Bill a copy instead. They are now allowed to film in the store. Bill gets his copy of the game. Craig decides that ScrewAttack will cover the cost of the game for him.

Bill takes the game home, and opens the box. There is not much to it. The manual doesn't look all that epic. It is surreal that the game is actually out. The game is updating, and the update fails! Bill thinks it is trying to install a patch. It continues to download. Craig is nervous.

While they wait, Craig asks Bill to talk about Bill's game studio, Zeboyd Games. They make retro RPG's. The games are fast paced with minimum grinding. The games are on XBox and coming to Steam. The game finishes updating, and Bill plays the game. The game starts with Duke at a urinal.

Bill thinks the game is pretty good. Craig asks if he would wait ten years to play it again, and Bill says he'll let someone else preorder it next time!

Just before they leave, there is a package at the door. Bill got a Duke Nukem T-shirt, shot glass, a beer glass, posters, and "steroids". Craig tries one of the steroids, and says that they are mints.

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