WWE (Vince McMahon) vs THQ (Brian Farrell) battle for $45,000,000 is a video from 2012.

WWE (Vince McMahon) vs THQ (Brian Farrell) battle for $45,000,000
Upload Date December 27th 2012
Hosts Craig (as Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Woods), Chad (as Boomstick)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jimmy introduces the video as Vinny McMahon and Brian Farrell are introduced. Boomstick will be joining Jimmy today! The hosts touch on the reason why the two are fighting. THQ is bankrupt, and owe WWE $45 million!

After Brian is thrown into the rope, the pair leave the ring to find some weapons. Brian hits him several times, before Vince is thrown into the ground. Vinny throws Brian into the ground taking a large lead, before beating him with a 2x4! Brian gets a chair, and they swap between jumping in and out of the ring. Brian picks up a chair, but puts it down.

Boomstick is disappointed, until Brian is punched in the balls! After another dick hit, Brian becomes low on health, and is almost out of the match. Brian hits Vince with a set of crotches. Boomstick has plenty of THQ related puns! Brian jumps off the top of the ring to land on Vince taking off a lot of health.

There is a massive comeback, Brian gets a baseball bat, and Vince runs away. Vince gets the chair and hits Brian. The chair gets reversed, as Brian takes it off him! The chair is thrown away as they beat each other. Vince throws Brian down again, and Vince taunts again. Brian retaliates with a spinning kick.

Vince hits Brian with a baseball bat, and they get back into the ring. Brian does a big backflip onto the rope, surprising the two hosts. He then comes down onto Vince, knocking him out. THQ does not have to pay the $45,000,000!

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