Craig gets the crew slushies based on their personalities.

Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Craig, Sam, Shaun, Ben, Austin, Chad, Sean, Bryan, Mike, Nick, John, Parker
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Craig went to Sonic, and decided to buy everyone a drink. Rather then ask everyone what they wanted, Craig decided to guess what everyone wanted based on their personalities. Craig orders the drinks. Craig asks the viewers what everyone gets in 5 seconds before it cuts to everyone getting their drinks.

The drinks are: Banana Taffy, Super Peachring, Polynesian Punch, Cranberry, Lemon Berry, Atomic Lemon, Cotton Candy, Blue Rasberry with nerds, Watermelon, Blue Coconut.

Sam wonders if Craig got ice cream for everybody. Shaun and Sam wonder what they have together.

Everyone is in the office. Craig informs everyone what he has done. There are a few wildcards from the new people in the office such as Austin (who waves to the camera). He could kill someone. Mike is also helping with ScrewAttack games. And Shauntern is relatively new. Sean yells at Shaun to get behind the camera! Craig's writing is deliberately terrible. Shaun complains how they got all smalls.

Sam is up first. He gets the Banana Taffy. Austin gets the Super Peachring. Shaun jokes that Austin would get water because they know nothing about him! Chad gets the Polynesian Punch. Craig says that there are no trades! Mike gets Cranberry because he is an 'old fuck'! He asks if it will help with his hemorrhoids!

Sean gets the lemon berry. Sean tells Craig that he nailed it. Nick gets the Atomic Lemon. Shaun is a big fluffy bear. Sean likes his as it has real berry in it. Shaun gets cotton candy. Craig wanted to get something a little off for Bryan, so he got watermelon. John is still working. He is the craziest guy in the office, so he got Blue Coconut. Everyone laughs at John's disturbed reaction.

Parker isn't here yet. Because he is young, he gets the Blue Raspberry with nerds. Nick is angry that he didn't get nerds. Craig swaps the drinks after Nick has already taken a sip. Chad wants Parker to now edit the video like Destin did back in the day with the Twinkies video.

Craig asks how he did. Chad was close. Mike's was perfectly correct. Austin gets peach flavored. Sam didn't like his. Sean's was correct. Shaun feels like he needs to stab someone for getting cotton candy, but after drinking it he liked it. Bryan likes the red because of Arsenal. John doesn't think he will like it. He gulps it, but isn't impressed.

Craig thinks he did pretty well. Craig asks the viewer what flavor they are! Ben got Green Apple with nerds. Craig doesn't remember what he got. He got a 'red'. Ben waves to the camera in the car.

Parker edits the video. He thought it tasted like Nick!

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