Voltron is the Clip of the Week from 2009.

Voltron 1
Cast Bryan, Destin, Chad, Ben, Nick, Corey, Craig, Jose
Intro Host Ben (with Chad)
Upload Date 17th April 2009
Clip / Ad Voltron

Synopsis Edit

Ben introduces the clip by jumping up to the camera and yelling to scare the viewer. Ben is fascinated by the spike nipples on one of the enemies from Voltron, but would find it cooler if they were lasers instead.

Bryan, Destin, Chad, Ben, Nick and Corey all summon themselves to be apart of the Craigtron. Chad was the first leg, Ben was the first arm, Corey was the chest, Bryan was the second leg, Nick was the second arm, which left Destin with the crotch plate because he was editing. He is disgusted by this.

The Craigtron body is created with Craig as the head. Jose appears firing his nipple laser, to which Craig responds by deflecting the laser back off of Nick. This hurts Nick, but is effective at taking down Jose. Craig then throws everyone off, resulting in Destin splatting his face on the screen.

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