Video Gear Command Center is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Video Gear Command Center
Cast Nick, Ben, Ryan
Intro Host Bryan
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Video Gear Command Center

Synopsis Edit

Nick has wanted one of these things and finally ordered one of them. However, he didn't get what he was expecting.

Nick is excitedly sitting outside waiting for his delivery.  He is seen lying on the ground, using his phone, playing with a tree, throwing a traffic cone around and back to sitting on the ground.

He goes back inside to interrupt a conversation that Ben and Ryan are having to ask them why his package hasn't arrived. Ben interrupts Nick by saying that Ninja delivered it two days ago. Ben shows Nick the package. Ryan asks Ben who Ninja is, and Ben replies that the Ninja is the postman, because they never see him.

Nick puts the box over his head, and pulls out a ugly blue chair. He wonders what it is. He sees the note which says "To Soulja Boy My Homedog Fo Shit" written on it. Nick scrunches it up and shouts "NO!". Ryan has a heart attack. Ben asks if Nick got Soulja Boy's chair, what happened to the Video Gear Command Center?

A shot of Soulja Boy's crib is shown.

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