Sam and Chad both win easy boss fights, before facing a car driving stage.

Vice Project Doom: Nut Tosser - PART 8 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 16th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

The lights are going out in the electricity room! Sam compares it to Mega Man X. Chad is confused by a whale or dolphin that has been mechanized! The enemies continue to be weird. Sam is impressed that the lightning ninjas can continue on while being electrocuted. After making his way through the stage with relative ease, a droid that moves in a square causes him the most trouble  and he accidentally steps on a spark and dies.

The game gets confused for a moment as Chad heads down a ladder. They arrive at the boss. Chad gets close to beating him but gets a game over.

Sam takes over. It starts him further into the level than Chad had. Chad coaches Sam on what to hit each enemy with. Sam arrives at the boss. Sam slashes the boss with his sword. It was such an easy fight.

The next cutscene plays. Sam questions how Sofia got to the same place where they got to. Chad panics as he is getting attacked by experiments!

The bear monsters are horrifying! They comment on the 'mother brain' or a 'Caterpie' in the container. Sam is killed by a monkey, and Chad says that he should have charged at him. The Caterpie evolves into a human. They fight a crab person! Chad points out falling blocks, but Sam gets thrown into a pit of death instead. Sam gets thrown off the edge by dripping!

Chad takes over. The bears continue to frustrate Chad. He gets thrown off by a monkey. Chad plows through the level and arrives at the boss. The man has blue fire. Chad is killed quickly, and realizes that he had a lot of grenades that he could have used. Chad manages to get to the boss after only having one slot of health before getting meat. He gets to the boss and beats it by throwing grenades.

The next cutscene plays, and the boss is revealed to be Christy! They are cloning him as well. They get back into the driving shoot-em-up level. Chad gets confused by the boxes, as they are usually able to be driven through in other games. Chad tries to switch gears.

A car centipede appears in front of them and fights them. The car blows up. Sam takes over and tries the car level. Sam successfully changes gears, and Chad wonders how he did it. It was the A button. Sam hangs too far back and gets hit, and dodges road meat by mistake. He arrives at the centipede. He gets destroyed. His next life starts in the boss fight, so he can defeat the centipede easily. A cutscene plays, and Chad wonders if this is the end of the game.

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