Chad and Sam beat Vice Project Doom no matter what!

Vice Project Doom: Every Dog has its Day - PART 11 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 19th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad tries once again to get through the final level. Chad is frustrated by the Michael Jordan like enemies. Chad is thrown off the edge right before the boss door by the final enemies. This level is so tedious! The whale is the most depressing enemy to get hit by.

Sam gets to the first final boss with full health. Sam tries using his gun instead. It works way better, but Sam takes a lot of damage. He gets to the second form boss. He hits like a truck! Sam dies very quickly, and has to go back to the checkpoint in the last level again.

Sam easily beats the first boss by throwing grenades at him. Sam forgets the pattern of the second boss and is killed very quickly, even with most of his health left going into it. Chad plays and doesn't make it very far before dying. Sam likes the ladder strategy.

Chad uses his sword too early every time. He tries to farm for health. Sometimes both of the enemies come back. The pills fall onto the falling platform, and Chad instantly falls as he tries to get it. Chad laughs at his mistake. Chad falls into a hole again. He admits that he is getting sloppy. Chad makes it to the boss with full health. Chad shoots his gun at the enemy. He begins to panic when he almost wins. He tries to face the second boss, and gets beaten quickly. Chad has no idea how they are going to win. Chad decides to fast forward through the level now.

Sam finds that they don't have to walk between the guy's legs. The boss looks like he is trying to blow himself. Sam gets double hits. Sam runs out of grenades, and switches to his sword. He misses a few hits. It is a close battle. Sam loses a close battle.

They fast forward again. Sam takes a hit right at the start. Chad gets excited as Sam gets close. Sam gets cocky and wants to use his sword like a man. Chad yells at him, and forces Sam to finish him off with the grenade.

They watch the cutscene. The credits begin to roll. The game sets up for a sequel. Sam points out that they could restart the game as it would work. Project Doom was the cloning thing, and wasn't as sinister as they first imagined. Sam waves at the end of the video.

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