Chad and Sam move through a strange building, fight Armored Armadillo, and battle atop a train.

Vice Project Doom: Bust a Bitch - PART 6 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 14th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

A dude keeps on following Chad. They find ladders that are going to pull them to their death. Chad gets distracted, and falls off the ladder. Sam gets too cocky, and is knocked off the edge. Two doors both are labelled 0001. Sam misses a long jump. His next attempt has him walking off the edge, trying to jump too late.

Chad manages to get past the enemies and the long jump and panics. There are enemies all around him. Chad starts using grenades on enemies, and Sam notices the door has changed to 0011. It changes back to 0001.

Chad moves to a new area. The enemies are starting to arc their weapons. Chad tries to dick-shot an enemy, but he ducks in time. The trampoline guys are still very annoying. Chad gets meat and a life, and expects to see a boss. There is one more room before the boss.

It fights like Armored Armadillo. Chad can attack the projectiles. He is killed not long later however. Chad starts to work out the pattern. Sam yells at Chad for wasting health doing dangerous things. Chad uses his sword and destroys the boss. Chad accidentally skips the cutscene again.

The next level takes place on top of a train. Chad worries about being knocked into a hole by a bird. This happens, and Sam yells at Chad for standing still. Sam gets knocked into a hole by a bird and Chad yells at him. Chad and Sam argue. Sam discovers that they can run while crouched!

Chad and Sam continue to argue every time they die. Chad discusses how well made the fireballs are. The birds are naturally sinister. Chad mentions how much he hates birds. After the train section ends, they discover a sewer level and kill a rat.

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