Chad and Sam try to climb a waterfall, launch enemies into space, and drown after being pushed into the water by fish.

Vice Project Doom: Basketball Team - PART 4 - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date February 12th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

They try to climb the waterfall. They fall off, almost recover, but then die. They get a game over. Chad wants to make sure it isn't possible to walk through the floor like Predator. One guy just leaps off the screen! Chad gets destroyed by a bird.

He falls into a waterfall when numerous enemies attack. Another enemy is launched into space. Sam thinks they should play basketball rather then do whatever Project Doom is! Sam predicts a boss at the end of the waterfall. Chad deliberately loses his lives for a fresh start.

An enemy comes back after he was just killed. Chad is thrown into the waterfall again after being attacked by enemies. Chad gets back to the point where he has been dying, and Sam tells him not to make the same mistake three times. He died after a bird pushed him off again.

Chad hands the controller over to Sam. Sam farms the meat guy to get more health. Sam attempts to climb the waterfall. He makes it to the top, and they arrive in a jungle. The water is not instant death. The fish look hilarious. Sam ends up being knocked into the water by a fish and is killed. Sam thinks the character looks like Hulk Hogan. Sam is knocked off the edge twice in a row. Sam takes the fish area cautiously. Sam is annoyed by a bird, but walks off the edge on his own. Chad laughs at him. They get a game over, and Chad wants them to start at the same spot.

The game resets them at the start of the jungle, and Chad is relieved.

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