Unique Sponsorship is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Unique Sponsorships
Cast Craig, Chad (as himself and Boomstick), Lauren, Sean, Ben (as Wiz)
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date April 7th 2012
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

A fighting game player is being sponsored by a porno website, and Craig wonders what kind of sponsorship deals they are missing out on. Craig then advertises Lotrimin Ultra.

Sidescrollers begins, and Craig introduces it with Chad. Jared isn't with them today because he is getting his teeth worked on by Smile Magic. Chad just got back from there, and their service was shining!

Hard News begins with Lauren hosting. She says that this episode is sponsored by Rambling Oaks Retiring Home. "When you're close to death, we'll do our best!"

Craig is making a Video Game Vault, which is sponsored by Abercombie & Fitch. Abercombie gets Stuttering Craig's Seal of Approval. And the game is pretty good too.

Sean is on The Best Ever, and is talking about Clotho, who has 7 boobs, and they are all gross. That's why she is the Worst Ever Fat Chick. However, if she invested in spanx, she might have been OK.

Lauren and Sam sit on the couch and introduce themselves for Screwin' Around. This episode will be bought to the viewers by North Korea. Sam and Lauren stare disgusted at Craig. Lauren asks What the hell to Craig. Craig replies, "What?"

Death Battle is bought to the viewer by Fran's Nipple Depuffers, and then the opening theme is played.

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