Unaware Steve gives the new guy nightmares is a video from 2013.

Unaware Steve gives the new guy nightmares
Upload Date August 1st 2013
Hosts Brad (as Unaware Steve), Parker
Series Unaware Steve


Synopsis Edit

Steve has a new kid named Parker to interview. Parker knocks on Steve's door, asking if he can come in. Steve gets Parker to sit on the toilet and asks him his name. Steve asks what Parker will do for ScrewAttack to take it to the next level. Parker will help out and offer new ideas and work on videos whenever he can.

Steve stares at him really close to his face. Parker works at the popcorn place down the road. Parker envisions a burger or taco flavored popcorn. Steve wants an apple pie popcorn. There is some pie in there. He forces Parker to eat the pie with a knife. Parker eats it, and Steve laughs at him. He can't believe that someone would eat the pie. It has been sitting there for 6 days.

Parker is 16. Steve compares Parker to Webster. Parker was born in 1996. He was 1 when the Spice Girls came out. Steve taunts him for being young. Parker has a car, and drove to ScrewAttack.

Parker's best skill is editing. Steve suggests popping popcorn. Steve continues to belittle Parker with his age. Steve demands respect from Parker. Steve uses the toilet while interviewing Parker. Parker tries to talk about his family, while Steve exaggerates his toilet habits. He gets Parker to hold his hand.

Trivia Edit

  • The sign on Steve's door reads - "Steve's new Awfiss (Please KNOCK MAy Be POOPing)" (the first E in Steve is backwards).

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