Steve talks to the people of Quakecon '11.

Unaware Steve Goes to Quakecon '11 Part 1
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Unaware Steve (Brad)
Series Unaware Steve


Part 1 Edit

Unaware Steve is at Quakecon 2011. The event is younger and more girly. Steve doesn't know what is going on. Steve is told that Quakecon is upstairs.

Steve is now at Quakecon. Steve's mind is blown after 15 seconds. He is in front of a Rage Edition car, and Steve calls it the biggest console he has ever seen. He asks some people what Quakecon is, and they reply with video games. He asks a spokesman for Psyko what they are. They make headsets.

Steve asks someone if they have played Rage. They haven't, and they mainly play FPS's. Steve doesn't know what a FPS is. He tells her that the last game he played was Cool Spot in 1992. She was born in 1991. The Psyko spokesman tells Steve that he will need to be operated on in order to get the surround sound experience due to Steve being deaf in his right ear!

Steve tells a kid that his mom told him that he was picking the kid up. Steve asks the spokesman if they have anything for a one-eared listener. Steve discusses a video he did with Keith Apicary about them having a dance off, and tries to convince some guys to dance. They don't know how to dance, so Steve dances on his own.

Part 2 Edit

Unaware Steve Goes to Quakecon '11 Part 2
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Unaware Steve (Brad)
Series Unaware Steve


Some guy keeps yelling stuff, and it is really annoying! Steve confronts the guy, and the guy says that this is what Quakecon is all about. Suddenly, everyone in the room begins making noises! Steve asks someone what is around her neck. He asks her if she cut her head off.

Steve asks the guy to say "Zing hey" instead. Nobody wants to do that. Whooping is the laziest sound someone can make.

Steve asks how can you be driving if you are playing a video game. He goes "Ahhhh." for a long time. He sees a mask, and asks someone if they have worn it on their crotch. Steve asks a woman what the difference is between an 8-bit game and a 16-bit game. She yells at him for thinking that because she's a girl she doesn't know the difference. Steve explains that HE doesn't know the difference. The woman explains what is in her computer, and Steve has no idea what it is!

Steve wants to put the mask on. Steve continues to try to get the room to say "Zing!" Nobody does and he storms off.

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