Unaware Steve discusses Super Mario Bros.

Unaware Steve's Video Game Extravaganza - Mario
Upload Date March 9th 2013
Hosts Brad (as Unaware Steve)
Series Unaware Steve


Synopsis Edit

Steve has been playing Super Mario Bros and wants to give tips to beat the lizard guy called Koopa at the end. This is one of Steve's favorite games. He tells how to hit the block and collect the mushroom. There are only 400 seconds in the level, so the player has to move fast. There is an extra man somewhere. Steve can't find where it is.

After beating the level, the next level is underground. It is creepy down there! Steve advises to walk across the ceiling and heads into the Warp Zone. Steve now talks about Donkey Kong, and how to beat that game. Steve discusses the final level. Avoid the fireballs. Avoid Bowser's fire breath.

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