This is Unaware Steve's debut in 2006.

Unaware Steve's Quakecon debut
Upload Date Quakecon 2006
Hosts Brad (as Unaware Steve)
Series Unaware Steve


Synopsis Edit

Unaware Steve is at Quakecon 2006. He hasn't played any video games since 1992. He has no idea what is going on.

Steve asks someone what Quakecon is. He replies that it is the best gaming convention he has been to. Steve wonders if it is on Gameboy.

A man has just finished with a Guitar Hero championship. A rare case of two people pretending to play guitar, and people cheer for them.

Steve asks a man what is happening at Quakecon, who complains that Steve's microphone isn't even connected.

Every game is being played today. They are playing Mario Bros, but Sonic hasn't been seen.

Steve tries to comprehend that Guitar Hero is like people pretending to be rockstars. The man he is interviewing compares it to people being murderers! Steve is confused. It's better to pretend to be a murderer than to be one! Steve has to leave.

Someone walks away from Steve.

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