Ultimate Gamers is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Ultimate Gamers
Cast Destin, Ben, Chad, Craig, Jose, Ryan, Nick
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Ultimate Gamer Season 2

Synopsis Edit

After hearing about the second season of Ultimate Gamer, some members of the ScrewAttack office decided to make an audition.

Destin's (aka David Jaffe) audition involved him swearing a lot and stating that he made God of War.

Metal Gear Ben's audition begins with Ben beating himself at Street Fighter without touching the joystick. He then pulls Chad in to the shot, and says that he beat Chad in Street Fighter because Chad sucks. Chad isn't very pleased with this statement. Ben then changes his statement to say that Chad is a good Street Fighter player, yet he was still beaten by Ben, but Ben was a good sport about it. Chad laughs at him for saying that he was a good sport. All of Ben's cuts were Star wipes (possibly a reference to the star swipe joke from The Others).

Geoff Keighley (Craig) speaks in the third person about how Geoff Keighley is awesome, and will win the Geoff Keighley show by giving his opponent the Geoff Keighley crazy eyes.

Jose (aka El Luchador) enters the room with a Mexican wrestling mask on his face and speaks in Spanish. He puts a camera over his eyes, and turns a chair to reveal a tied-up Ryan who also has duct tape across his mouth. Jose then picks up a baseball bat. The scene ends.

Tommy the Toucan (Nick) reveals that his full name is Thomas Michael Robert Toucan the Fourth.

He states that he is an anthropomorphic toucan that plays video games, who is Canadian. He then tells a long story about how he got to Dallas, involving his parents being poached, almost being skinned alive and sold in pieces, learning how to speak English and riding a dragon over Washington DC.

Trivia Edit

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