Twitter is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Cast Ben, Chad, Jose, Craig, Corey, Bryan, Nick, Destin
Intro Host Ben and Chad
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Twouble with Twitter (Super News)

Synopsis Edit

Jose is doing jury duty, on a case that has something to do with the gaming industry. Chad and Ben have put a chip inside Jose's brain so they can get the case results first.

Ben has set up the Twitter account and needs to test it. Chad calls him in. Chad asks Jose if Jose humped his 360 last night. Jose says no, and the Twitter feed states that he humped Chad's mom. Chad is upset by this and leaves. Craig gets Jose to leave to go to the case.

Everyone is set around the laptop watching Jose's tweets. He should be at the case already, but the feed just says "yeaaaah boom headshot! teabag teabag teabag! balls in face! noob lawl!!!" Ben doesn't get it. Jose arrives, and keeps on getting distrated. Jose notices one of the women is hot, and 'draws' a picture of Jessica Chobot with powerups (bigger breasts). Destin comes in saying he hit that.

Hours later, and Jose is on the ground yelling. Ben asks him if he is alright. Chad reveals he uploaded like, 50 gay porn images. Jose is horrified.

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