Turkish Oil Wrestling is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Turkish Oil Wrestling
Cast Chad, Jose, Destin, Ben
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Super Street Fighter IV

Synopsis Edit

After Jose saw the commercial, he got a really bad idea. Jose wants to be a Turkish oil wrestler.

He uses his PS3 and Xbox 360 as weights. He goes up to Chad, and states that he is going to use him. He picks Chad up, and starts crushing him. Jose is lying on the ground, and sees Chad, wrapped up in toilet paper. Jose asks Chad to jump on his belly to perform a move he saw in the commercial. Chad walks away.

Chad is under Jose trying to scratch at the ground to get away while screaming. Jose picks him up and crushes him again. Jose tries to throw Chad. Just before he does, Chad yells that it isn't going to work, and Chad is thrown and lands on his head. Jose runs away.

Chad walks into Destin's office, covered in even more toilet paper, and using a broken mop as a crutch. Destin asks since when do they count as medical supplies. Chad yells at Destin for not taking him to the hospital. Chad asks Jose what has happened to his Turkish Oil Wrestling career. Jose says that he gave up on that, and is now going to be a Pokemon master. Chad claims that he is going to 'chair' him (which he ends up doing eventually).

Jose is walking through a doorway while using his phone, but spots Chad holding a chair. He asks Ben to go into the room to get the FireWire. Ben asks why can't he get it himself. Ben walks through the door, and Chad throws the chair at Ben. Chad apologizes to Ben.

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