Trapezoid is a Clip of the Week from 2012. This is a sequel Clip to The Ocean, as Ben portrays the same character.

Cast Sean (as Tobias Funke), Ben (as Paul Christopopolus), Nick (as Nicolai Carpathia), Sam (as Mike "Hob0wn3d" Smith), Drake (as Intern)
Intro Host Craig (with Chad and Ben)
Upload Date August 25th 2012
Clip / Ad Polygon

Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces the clip while streaming a marathon with Chad and Ben behind him. Ben stares into the camera as Craig introduces the clip.

Tobias (Sean) says that Trapezoid is taking a big risk. No one has ever done news before, and there is a big expectation.

Paul (Ben) says that they want to be the first and the best. He is seen stapling paper together, and staples all over the paper. Paul wants to share the fact that Call of Duty will be coming to the latest XBox handheld.

Nicolai (Nick) leans against a window, is the lead web designer, and can be seen lying on the floor in the hallway, and taking some candy. He mentions the person he looks up to, saying how cool he is.

Tobias is getting stressed out, and feels itchy all the time.

Mike (Sam) has no idea what he is doing.

Drake the intern is vacuuming the floor, and is a business major. He states that this whole thing is probably going to bomb.

Tobias is still mentioning the illnesses he probably has, while Nicolai stares out the window. Paul states that they are really important. He states that they want to leave the same impression that ET 64 left.

The five walk outside. Paul puts a sticky note on a door saying "Door". They jump into the air together. 


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