Craig catches up with Keith Apicary to count down the manliest men in gaming.


Top 20 Manliest Men 20-11
Upload Date May 15th 2010
Hosts Craig, Keith Apicary, Destin
Series Top 10's


There are some pretty awesome dudes in video games. Craig needed help from the manliest man he knows. Keith explodes into the room.

20. Sam Fisher. A guy with average size and stature, but with the ability to snap someone's neck if they look at him the wrong way. Sam Fisher is the king of esplianage with years of government training. Keith thinks the night vision goggles are a green Virtual Boy. Keith wears the goggles and looks around Destin's desk.

19. Dante. Back in the coolest characters list, Dante was proven to be cool. But cool does not mean manly. Dante's wardrobe doesn't do it for Craig. Keith disagrees, no one will want to go near someone looking like Dante.

18. Knuckles. Sonic was the man back in the day. Knuckles punches waslls to climb them. Knuckles can dig his way to China to get some sushi. Craig says that never happened.

17. Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon drives at hundreds of miles an hour, and summons the power of a falcon to punch. Keith feels sorry for the valet parker who scratches Captain Falcon's car.

16. Battletoads. The Battletoads can punch someone to space, and slam them to the ground, and kick them in the face! They wear spiked belts, wrist pads and knee pads.

15. Jubei. A samurai is a man. A samurai with two swords and an eyepatch is even more of a man. Jubei laughs at the loser after beating them.

14. Jack Cayman. Black and White has never been so manly. Jack skewers enemies with signs and rams them into spikes. Keith and Craig make jokes.

13. Sonya Blade. Sub-Zero is not the manliest character in Mortal Kombat. Kano is. He fights with knives, and has half of Terminator's face. Maybe Sonya is the manliest because she defeated Kano.

12. Barret. Barret has a bust top, beard, sleeveless shirt, boots, tattoo, literal abs of steel and a machine gun for a hand! Barret loses points for originality, and wastes his turn in a fight as he is too polite.

11. Max Payne. Max Payne stands out because of his name. 


Top 20 Manliest Men in Gaming (10-1) (Feat. Keith Apicary)
Upload Date May 29th 2010
Hosts Craig, Keith Apicary
Series Top 10's


Craig introduces the two manliest men on the internet. Keith is sorting through a games shelf, and several games fall on his head.

10. Tommy Vercetti. The GTA series is fun because of how ridiculous things that players can do. Keith claims that it is about his life as he sits in a boat with a gun. Craig asks Keith how many hookers Keith has killed. Tommy wears a Hawaiian shirt, making them look manly.

9. Big Boss. Snake is a badass. Keith is impressed by Big Boss's eyepatch. Craig admits that Big Boss is manlier then Snake.

8. Lance and Bill. Lance and Bill have been manly since Craig was 4.  Keith claims that the Metal Slug guys were manlier. Craig and Keith debate the manliness between the characters.

7. Marcus Fenix. Keith is apalled by the gruesomeness. Marcus is the lumberjack of bad guys. He looks the part with his scars and appearance. He is also the cupid of bad guys, as he shoots them in love with death.

6. Sergeant Johnson. Master Chief is like a stormtrooper or an astronaut. He hides behind his mech suit.  Sergeant Johnson doesn't need a mech suit to be a man.

5. Captain Price('s moustache). One dude will always be there. Captain Price looks like the guy from Mythbusters, but his Price's moustache could beat Jamie Hyneman in a fight alone.

4. Duke Nukem. A lot of people would expect Duke Nukem to be number 1. He lost some of his manliness due to his absent in the last fifteen years. Keith misunderstands Craig, thinking that he is talking about women.

3. Frank (F'in) West. Frank can still cause distruction after jumping off any hight if a building and knee drop. Craig discusses all of Frank West's feats.

2. Bear Wrestler (Zangief). How much more manly can you get then Turkish Oil Wrestling. It will always come down to how much facial hair they have.

Craig and Keith recap the top 10.

1. Kratos. Kratos became a god, and went back to being a man. He can rip dude's in half and beats up gods. He can bang chicks whenever he wants, and has broken out of hell twice. His body is covered in the marks of his dead family.