The g1's helped Craig find the ten best games of 2010.

Top 10 Games of the 2010
Upload Date December 24th 2010
Hosts Craig
Series Top 10's



It seemed 2010 seemed great. The g1 's nominated the top 10. The pinicle of what everyone thought from 2010!

10. Halo: Reach. The definitive Halo game is Reach. Improving on past mistakes and adding new goodies. It even had a decent single story for once. The real action is in the multiplayer.

9. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Some people complain that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is like Super Mario Galaxy 1. Is that really a bad thing? No, it's not! The polished creativity, ridiculous levels and the overall fun of the game. Some of the hardest levels on the Wii are on this list.

8. God of War 3. Kratos is still ripping people apart. The action is ridiculous, the overall scale of the game is huge. God of War 3 is epic.

7. Civilization V. A PC game on a ScrewAttack list? This can be boring to watch, but playing it can get the player wrapped up in changing the course of history. One of the best turn based games in history, players can spend days, weeks, months wrapped up in this. With so many different outcomes, the replayability is off the charts. It's also historical - kind of.

6. Super Meat Boy. For players who like getting from point A to point B while jumping. The controls are faultless. It is the player's own fault for dying, and it will be their own fault a lot. There are dark world versions of every level and for its price it is a steal. It is easily one of the best downloadable titles.

5. Donkey Kong Country Returns. DKCR gave Craig the most joy this year. There is a simple joy in getting destroyed by a level and wanting revenge. Donkey Kong Country Returns destroyed the expectations that people had of it.

4. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liverty. ScrewAttack knows PC RTS's exist. No developer in their right minds would put one on a console. (Halo appears on the screen) One of the most fun RTS's ever made. A larger focus on multiplayer makes it easier to play against opponents, rather then some guy in Korea.

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops. Black Ops could be one of the best valued games this year. Single player, multiplayer, and zombies. Customization of different characters and guns makes it ridiculous. People like to hate on Call of Duty because it is the king of shooters.

2. Red Dead Redemption. You can always count on Rockstar to create a virtual world of things to do, this time shifting to the wild west. Being a hero or a outlaw, John Marsdon is one of the greatest characters Rockstar has ever produced. The ending makes the game. 

Craig recaps the list.

1. Mass Effect 2. This is the closest to a interactive movie that you can get. Mass Effect 2 has hundreds of storylines. Everything you do affects the story. It is kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure. But with over 2 million pages! The player's character can be ported from Mass Effect 1. Everyone who worked on this game is a stud.