Craig counts down the biggest failures in video game history.

Top 10 Biggest Busts
Upload Date October 23rd 2009
Hosts Craig
Series Top 10's


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The video game industry makes billions. That's a lot of cash. We're here to talk about the failures, which some people like to see. It can be a console, game or whatever. It had to fall on its face so hard, Craig had to laugh at it. The other kind of bust - perv!

10. Apple Pippin. Craig wants the viewer to guess what the name of the console is. Apple and Bandai teamed up to make a console in 1995. It had a trackball! This was going against the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn and the Jaguar! This thing lost to the Jaguar! How come Apple doesn't make its own console? This is why.

9. Nokia N-Gage. The idea of the N-Gage was to be able to hold a Gameboy while talking to friends. They thought they could deliver on the games. Craig lists a large number of large franchises. The games were crappy. It had a download feature, meaning that someone could download it and put it online for everyone else to download.

8. TMNT Re-shelled. Turtles in Time is the best beat -em up ever, so when Turtles in Time Re-shelled was announced, people were excited. Then it came out. Everything that made the game great wasn't there. The music is barely recognizable, the gameplay was way different, the pretty colors were absent (except for the pirate ship level). It's not the worst game ever, but Ubisoft took one of the best games ever and made it meh. That is a bust.

7. Daikatana. John Romero made a lot of great old-school FPS's including Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein. Over-hyped and under-good, was doomed from the start. The team had to throw a year's worth of work when Romero wanted to switch to a more sophisticated game engine. Daikatana emerged as a blurry, ugly piece of junk.

6. Game.Com. The DS is praised for its touch screen, but it was the first to make it not suck. The Game.Com was targeted at an older audience. Duke Nukem looked like a pansy. It is not pronounced 'Game dot com'. Craig wonders how Metal Gear keeps on landing on consoles that keep on bombing down the road. A 360 appears on the screen.

5. Philips CD-i. There is no way the CDI couldn't be put on here. The CDI made Mario and Link look much worse then the Game.Com did. Two of gaming's biggest icons weren't immune to suckage. There were three Zelda games slaps to the testicles. Footage of men being hit in the crotch is shown. Crappy controllers, an expensive price tag, and a failed promise. Surely this is one of the worst consoles of all time.

4. Virtual Boy. A console's graphics that is so bad, the Virtual Boy was almost never advertised with game footage. One ad featured a girl trying to run away from the Virtual Boy! This should have been higher, but there is one guy that likes this thing. Keith Apicary talks about his opinions on the Virtual Boy.

3. E.T.

2. Duke Nukem Forever. While E.T. was the biggest flop to hit the market, Duke Nukem didn't even make that. Craig quickly tells a history of Duke Nukem Forever. This game could not live up to its expectation. If the person who pre-ordered the game shows Craig the receipt, Craig will gladly refund the $10.

Craig recaps the top 10.

1. Gizmondo. What makes a great console? Games. The Gizmondo had sticky Craig sarcastically talks about its wide library of games and its 'cheap' price. Despite its expensive price, it would still bombard the player with ads. There was an ad-free version, but it was much more expensive, and far too expensive for a handheld.

It had features that were ahead of its time like a GPS, a camera, and text messaging. One of the guys behind the Gizmondo was involved in the Swedish mafia - and it still only sold 5000. A movie was being made about the whole ordeal. It was a complete and total bust.