The nerd himself has selected his favorite moments of AVGN for 2008.

Top 10 AVGN Moments of 2008
Upload Date February 26th 2009
Hosts Craig
Series Top 10's


Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack are big fans of the nerd. His style is so unique he has spawned numerous imitators. The nerd has decided the list himself.

10. Monster Adapter. Taking a trip down memory lane is what the nerd does - even though they're bad. In the Double Vision feature, he showed the Kelico Vision, and its monster adapter. Craig comments on how things have changed - before remembering the size of the Xbox adapter.

9. Superman vs Stocks. Superman has no weaknesses - apart from kidnapping and the inability to make good games. Superman has skills no one had any idea he had, like the stock market.

8. The Pause Beat. One of the hardest games in video game history, Battletoads gave gamers nightmares. The nerd dances with the catchy beat.

7. The F Bombs. The CDi was on the chopping block for the nerd with the Legend of Zelda games and the worst jumping ever. There was only one way to destroy it.

6. Yipee!!! There are tons of figures that have made a successful jump to video games. Jesus is not one of them. Not even connect the dots could help!

5. Batnerd vs Joker. The original Batman game was incredible. There are a lot of bad Batman games too. Imagine the Joker being there making fun of your every move!

4. Kill all babies. Back to Jesus. Words can't describe this.

3. Don't Know how to what?! During the nerd's Halloween extravaganza, he took a look at games all across the spectrum. The nerd even tried the Vic 20.

2. "Fuck fire" Video games have always had worthless accessories. How did Konami come up with the lazer scope?

Craig does a recap.

1. The Epic Battle. No one is safe from the nerd's wrath. Not even Mario. A game so good it had to be bad. Then things got ugly.