Tommy the Toucan visits Perv Con is a video from 2011.

Tommy the Toucan visits Perv Con
Upload Date December 20th 2011
Hosts Craig, Nick (as himself and Tommy), Chad, Corey
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces the video. This video is about an adventure that Chad, Nick and Corey went to a convention that sucks balls. This video has had many edits to tiptoe around the crazy rules. They don't want to promote the event at all! You won't be told the name of the con.

Nick is interviewed, and has not been told what the convention is called. Chad tells Nick that it is some Fury Comics convention. Corey drives them there. Chad laughs as he says that they are at a furry convention, and he explains that they think it would be funny for Nick to show up at a furry convention in a giant toucan outfit! Nick doesn't know it is a furry convention!

They will get Nick to walk in the convention. Chad tells Nick what the convention actually is. Nick looks concerned. It was requested by a g1 for Nick to do this. Inside, Nick is dressed as Tommy, and isn't happy with what he has to do. Nick says he isn't a furry, and someone else says that he is. Back in the carpark, Nick walks away from Chad. Nick doesn't think anyone will be sexually attracted to a toucan.

Later, Nick explains that he has been hit on. It was off camera. She liked Nick's legs! Nick complains that someone made an observation at his expense.

Tommy interviews "Bunny Boy". He interviews someone else who has a horn on their head. They are part unicorn, part dragon. They also have some dog in them. Nick asks what a furry is. Bunny Boy explains. Nick awkwardly misses the point. There will be a rave party. Tommy dances.

It is the unicorn's first con. Tommy asks what there is to do. There is a Marvel vs Capcom competition. The unicorn talks to the camera, as Tommy no longer wants to talk.

Chad explains that they got thrown out. Tommy is so mad, and wrestles the microphone from Chad. Tommy talks to the g1 that requested him to come. He thought that Nick would like this!

Nick needed to ask everyone what niffing is. The g1 explains it. Nick doesn't know what to say. They decide to go home. Nick says goodbye to Bunny Boy.

Part 2 Edit

There is a part two to this video, where Craig talks to Nick, Corey and Chad about their poor experience at the convention. They were unimpressed at the way they were treated at the convention and were kicked out, despite following all their crazy rules. Chad sends them an angry email. They will never go back to Perv Con. This video was never released onto the actual site, however it does appear in ScrewAttack TV's lineup.

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