Tommy the Toucan @A-Fest - The Birthday Party is a video from 2012.

Tommy the Toucan @A-Fest - The Birthday Party
Upload Date September 17th 2012
Hosts Nick (as Tommy)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Tommy is at A-Fest. He was born here four years ago, and everyone is going to celebrate his fourth birthday whether they want to or not! Tommy calls over someone cosplaying as a Mudkip. The kid is confused when Tommy wants them to sing him a song! Tommy walks off!

Tommy walks in on a group of women, and they keep on touching his beak. Tommy wants them to come back later to celebrate his birthday. One of them doesn't want to, and Tommy puts his beak in her face! Tommy asks a group of guys and a girl. They keep calling Tommy Toucan Sam. Tommy gets angry at this. The girl calls him Toucan Sam again, and she is no longer invited to his birthday, but the rest of the group are!

Tommy gets his feet stuck on an escalator. Tommy tells some other people that he is turning four. One of them gives him a bracelet. Tommy realizes that he can probably get free stuff if he keeps on telling people that it is his birthday! He asks someone else if he can have anything for free because it is his birthday. He gets given a napkin!

Tommy invites some other people to come over for his birthday. She won't go to his birthday as she is leaving before Tommy's party starts. Tommy goes into the hall and yells out that everyone has to be there at 4 to sing Happy Birthday to him. Some people cheer. Someone offers Tommy a hug, but Tommy wants her to pay a dollar for it. She walks away upset.

Tommy continues to annoy other people. He gets a group of people over and tells them that he was conceived at this convention four years ago. The small group of people sing Happy Birthday to Toucan. They didn't sing very well!

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