Tommy's Treehouse is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Tommy's Treehouse
Cast Chad (singing only), Nick (as Tommy), Craig
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date February 4th 2012
Clip / Ad King Koopa's Kool Kartoons

Synopsis Edit

The intro to Tommy's Treehouse begins with Chad and Craig singing the intro theme song. Tommy is dancing, playing with the Dia De Huevos cactus, and playing on an XBox during the opening. Tommy introduces his show and then jumps onto the couch. He starts playing Grand Theft Auto and uses a hooker to heal himself and then kills the hooker.

Tommy introduces Craig onto the show to do the Toucan dance. When Tommy does the countdown, he holds up the wrong number of fingers. When they finish, Craig leaves saying "Don't do drugs." In the 'Tommy Talks' segment, Tommy talks about how the viewers parent's fighting is all their fault, but they can use it to their advantage. Daddy would have said yes.

The show ends, and the credits roll.

Theme Song Lyrics Edit

Red lyrics are Chad's parts, yellow lyrics are Craig's parts.

Tommy's Tree house (He's a bird and he's blue)

It's Tommy's Tree house (He'll play some games with you)

It's Tommy's Tree house (He's a bird and he's blue)

It's Tommy's Tree house (He's bird and blue)

Trivia Edit

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