This Weird VHS Tape we Found is a video from 2012.

This Weird VHS Tape we Found
Upload Date March 19th 2012
Hosts James Rolfe, Nathan Barnett, Arin Hanson (Egoraptor), Craig, Chad, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is doing pushups, Keith is on his Gameboy, James is reading a magazine, Egoraptor is sitting in the background with an old keyboard like instrument, and Chad is playing games. Chad has beaten Contra without dying once! Egorator wants to break into a garage. Chad doesn't want to. There are strange noises coming out of there all the time. Craig calls Chad a wuss. James went in there once. Craig and James hi-five.

They head to the garage. James arrives on a motorcycle, while Craig carries Egoraptor. Chad skateboards in, while Keith has a surfboard! They look into the door, and see a large variety of arcades. Chad goes first.

They all play on the arcades, except for James who just watches on. Craig sees Bryan dead behind one of the arcades. Everyone (except James who just moves his glasses) screams!

The Crime Dog says "Don't break and enter!"

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