This Video Will Make You Feel Old is a video from 2011.

This Video Will Make You Feel Old
Upload Date around August 19th 2011
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces how 3D Realms in 1997 announced the follow-up to Duke Nukem 3D titled Duke Nukem Forever. Now, in 2011, people are holding it in their hands. What else has happened since 1997?

Goldeneye 64 was still 4 months away. It would become one of the most cherished multiplayer games of all time. Goldeneye now has a remake that is inspired so much from Call of Duty, that it can barely be called a remake at all!

Chris Farley was living in a van down by the river. Eventually he would find himself in a van by the river.

Jim Carrey was at his peak with Liar Liar. Now he makes kids movies with CGI penguins, which aren't as funny.

Grand Theft Auto was still months away, now the series has 10 titles in the franchise.

When Duke Nukem was announced, kids were playing Mario Kart in 3D for the first time. Now, Mario Kart can be played with real 3D graphics!

Back then, Michael Jackson was the king of pop. Now he's dead.

Back then, everybody had a Furbie. This happened 8 months after Duke Nukem was announced.

Hanson's Mmmbop was #1 in the charts. Now we have the Jonas Brothers.

Back then NSync did stuff. Now, the most recent song they made was about giving a penis as a present.

Nowadays, gas prices are very high. Back then, it was much cheaper.

The world has changed a lot since 1997. Does Duke Nukem still deserve to be called the king?

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