The punishment we can't exactly show you is a video from 2012.

The punishment we can't exactly show you
Upload Date January 9th 2012
Hosts Craig, Ben (flashback), , Chad, Sam, Jared, Bryan, Lauren, Sean, Shaun
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

From Sonic CD & Shaving Heads!, Craig made a bet with Ben that if there are 1000 people watching at the moment that Ben beats Sonic CD, he will shave his head.

Ben did beat Sonic CD. On the fourth of January, Craig comes to the reality of it. He is getting a 4 across the head. Craig hates the fact that Ben did this to him, and he isn't even here! Jared plays in the waiting room.

Chad is excited, and he wanted Craig to go bald. This is the second time Nick has seen the underside of Craig's head and survived! The crew is seen with their longer hair. Craig has his head in his hands. It is Craig's turn to get "pussified" now. Everyone laughs at the hairdresser's statement!

Craig's head is shaved, but the camera avoids looking at the top of Craig's head. Jared feels that it is painful to watch what Craig is doing. Lauren would never do what Craig is doing. Lauren would not go Brittany.

Craig talks about how he used to have a lot of hair in old ScrewAttack videos. Everyone wants Craig to get Vanilla Ice hair. Craig doesn't want it. Craig is shocked at how it looks. Craig puts his hat back on. It actually feels better!

Craig curses at Ben!

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