The luckiest Mountain Dew Drinkers in the World is a video from 2011.

The luckiest Mountain Dew Drinkers in the World
Upload Date December 13th 2011
Hosts Jared, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jared is in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. This is weird for Jared. One fan and his three fans have won the Mountain Dew Mega Fan Experience Sweepstakes. The four guys will play Call of Duty on the big ass screen!

The winners are interviewed. One of them advertises where they work.

Jared watches them play.

Those guys are so lucky. They have as much food and Mountain Dew to eat and drink as they want. They get comfy chairs. They were flown down from Minnesota, and put into a fancy hotel. Jared doesn't like COD that much, but he is jealous.

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