The g1 of the year for 2013 is Fox.

The g1 of the year for 2013 is
Upload Date January 2nd 2014
Hosts Nick, Craig, Bryan, John
Series Random Awesomeness

Link Unknown


Nick, ScrewAttack's resident town crier stumbles his way to announce Fox to be the g1 of the year! Craig enters with some sticky tape with Fox's name on it, passing it to Bryan, who sticks it on the wall with the other winner's names.

John starts chanting for Fox. Everyone else starea at him, and soon joins in. Nick is enthusiastic, but Craig isn't. Nick gets the others to hold on to each other and swing back and forth. Craig gets upset and walks away.

Bryan and Craig thank Fox for all he has done for the community. Bryan goes through all the swag he has collected over the year to give away. Craig says that Fox can trade in his prizes if he wants. Craig holds the camera, which tries to run away! Craig goes in for a kiss!

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