The crew argue about their favorite Van Damme films.

Random Awesomeness: The entire crew's Top 3 Jean Claude Van Damme Films | Advantage Content
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Shaun, Sean, Craig, Nick, John, Sam, Ben, Chad
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

The crew are in a restaurant for lunch. Shaun asks everyone for the top 3 Van Damme films of all time. Number 1 is Bloodsport for Craig. Number 2 is Over the Top - even though he isn't in it. 3 is Expendables 2 - even though he was bad in the movie. Craig loves it because he tries to be cool. Sean and Craig argue. The crew start to argue. Craig wants to add Kick FIghter, and Johnny Cage.

Shaun asks Sean for some real answers. Bloodsport, Kick Boxer, Street Fighter. He also argues Double Impact and JCVD. Ben offers Bloodsport, JCVD, and Last Action Hero. Craig makes some more suggestions. John doesn't have an opinion. Shaun offers Double Impact, Bloodsport and Hard Target. Sean disagrees with Hard Target. Craig shows a picture of Van Damme with a rattle snake.

Nick's three are Street Fighter, Bloodsport, The Epic Split commercial. Chad likes Bloodsport, Street Fighter, and the same commercial Nick suggested. He also mentions Expendibles 2. Chad changes his favorite to The Quest. Shaun helps Sean work out the film he is thinking of. They continue talking about the roles of the film and facts about the movies.

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