The Wolvernick is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

The Wolvernick
Cast Bryan, Jose, Nick
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Pokémon Snap

Synopsis Edit

For some reason, this clip reminds Ben of Bryan.

Bryan walks in with Jose, and Bryan is speaking with an Australian accent. He says he found some speggetios droppings outside, and is searching for the Wolvernick. Jose asks him what's with his voice, as he is from Austin, not Australia. Bryan replies with "What's the difference?"

Bryan finds Nick in his natural habitat, raiding the fridge. Bryan states that Nick has found his spaghettios. Jose is angry, becuase they aren't spaghettios, Nick has Jose's sandwich. Jose goes to kill Nick. Nick turns around. He has knives for fingers. He chases after Bryan and Jose. Bryan and Jose split up. Jose jumps into a pile of pillows. Nick enters and explores the room, attacking the pillows. He sees a sign that says "Lawl Noob!". He runs back into the hall and chases Jose.

Nick enters a room that Bryan has entered. Bryan tries to hold him off with a table, but Wolvernick climbs onto it. Bryan picks up a gun, and shoots at Nick, but Nick shrugs it off. Nick corners Bryan and starts stabbing at him, but it doesn't do anything because he has butter knives. Nick stops and complains that nothing good ever happens to him. Jose punches him in the face, and demands that Nick makes him a new sandwich. Jose gives Nick a jar of peanut butter. Nick puts one of his knives into the peanut butter, and then tries to eat it.

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