The Twin Bens is the third episode of Metal Gear Ben.

The Twin Bens
Cast Ben, James Rolfe, Nick, Destin, Corey, Adam
Commentary Cast Ben, Destin, Nick
Upload Date January 4th 2010


Synopsis Edit

Colonel Corey makes a Previously On segment summarizing the events of the previous episode.

The two Ben's are looking at each other at opposite ends of a table. The second Ben asks how Metal Gear Ben is feeling, before mocking him for getting caught. He reveals that he is Metal Gear Ben's brother, but Metal Gear Ben doesn't believe him. It is revealed that this is Iron Cog Ben. Iron Cog Ben plans to kill Ben. Destin enters with Octagon (Nick), and Octagon's head is rammed into the table.

Octagon designed the Lolazer against his will after being tortured by Mega Mantis. Destin takes Octagon away. Iron Cog Ben knocks out Metal Gear Ben with a baseball bat.

Ben is in a cage. He tries to get the guard's attention, but the guard is very aware that Ben will break out, steal his clothes and leave him to die. However, the guard needs to use the bathroom, so he leaves. Octagon arrives to try to help. Ben wants Octagon to knock the guard out, but Octagon doesn't want to because it is mean.

Octagon gives Ben ketchup to eat, and Ben complains that people don't just eat ketchup. Octagon wets himself. Octagon tells Ben to use the ketchup as blood and leaves. The guard returns, and wonders why the floor is wet. He sees Ben with 'blood' everywhere, and doesn't care.

He leans up against the cage, and Ben chokes him. The guard claims to have 3 wives and 24 kids, as Ben forces him to hand over the keys. Ben opens the door, and the guard reveals that Iron Cog rigged the door up with a bomb. Ben runs out the door leaving the guard to die.

Octagon runs through the woods, just to see a nuclear explosion behind him. He cries out BEEEEEEENN! Ben walks into view and claims that he never dies.

New Codec Numbers Edit


Credits Edit

Starring Edit

Music Edit

  • Ryan Fitzgerald
  • Larry Holder
  • Janne Kainu

Camera Operators Edit

  • Adam Teterus
  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer

Boom Operators Edit

  • Adam Teterus
  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer

Teleprompter Edit

  • Ben Singer

Asst. Director Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork Edit

  • Mike Scally

Primary Composers Edit

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics Edit

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by Edit

  • Ben Singer

Commentary Edit

Ben yells at Destin for poking the screen again. During the scene with the twin Ben's, Ben had to film the parts by himself as it was recorded after hours. Ben had to fix the audio a lot as the room they filmed in echoed a lot. Nick's grandparents were watching the scene of Nick's head being slammed onto the table. Nick was also handcuffed, and there were five takes. In one take, Nick lands on his shoulder.

There is footage of Adam cleaning up the ketchup while Ben tells him he missed a spot. The jail door was made by Ben and his dad over a weekend, and it was moving around when they were filming. The three agree that the moving door actually looks better that way.

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