The Total Destruction is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

The Total Destruction
Cast Bryan, Craig, Sean (as Q), Ben, brentalfloss (lyrics)
Intro Host none
Upload Date February 17th 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Bryan is playing Street Fighter, and Craig asks if he can play. Bryan chooses to play as Q, and chooses the Total Destruction super move. Craig scoffs at this, and plays as other characters. Craig dominates the game, and laughs throughout the whole matches. Craig doesn't even look at the screen, and mashes one single button.

Craig wins, and shakes Bryan's hand and leaves. Craig calls Bryan a scrub, and Bryan puts his head down, and the lights go out. A spotlight appears on Bryan, and music starts playing. brentalfloss begins singing the Total Destruction song.

Sean is Q, wearing a crying mask, hat, and a trench coat.

Lyrics and synopsis during the song Edit

Lyrics Synopsis
Why aren't they scared of it The game transitions into a real life Q (played by Sean) lying on the ground.
Scared of Q's huge D Q gets up
Why's no one terrified Q walks with his hands in front of him
When you use this move Ben gets cornered against a wall by Q, who is breathing heavily
Other's will not approve The camera pans down on Q
And they'll think you've lost your mind Bryan dressed as a policeman (last seen in The Fresh Maker), blows his whistle and waves hand cuffs. Q runs away.
Oh, we've been told that he'll never achieve it Q is splashed with water, and he shows his middle finger at them
I know they're wrong, wait and see A close up of Q's sad masked face.
Some day he'll land it Q walks through a public area
The Total Destruction Q sits on a bench next to someone
And he'll make them s the D Q sits down next to some other people
Who said that every chip Back to the game as other characters are beating up Q
would be tech'd and cancelled
Then caught for a deadly blow
Somebody thought of that The guy Q sat next to moves his bag and moves further away from Q
And someone believed it Q is still being taken out by other character's
But that's not how Q's fights go
He keeps on losing Everyone Q sits next to gets up
But Q we keep choosing ... and leaves. Q is still losing.
So what do we think we might see Q continues to lose to other characters
Some day he'll land it Q sees a 'Children at play' sign, and Q starts typing with his hands
The Total Destruction Bryan the policeman appears again blowing his whistle
Then he'll make them s the D Q runs away from Bryan
All of us under his spell Q runs through a field
We know that Felacio's magic (key change mofo) Q dances through the field
Have you been half asleep? Q goes up to people only to be punched in the face by each one
Have you heard voices?
The calling to s the D
Is this the sweet sound? Q purchases a condom
they call the young gamers?
They long for that sweet victory Q waves to everyone. Q is typing on a keyboard
This move is too good to simply ignore it Q is searching the web for escorts. Q is writing an email. The boxes read "Q", the email address is "", the subject is "S my D", and the message is "Would you kindly?"
Q's mighty super R3 Q types in the air excitedly
Some day he'll land it Q looks into the sun
The Total Destruction A close up of Q's face as he stares into the sun.
And he'll make them s the D. Q successfully pulls off the Total Destruction
S on that D.

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