The Testee is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

The Testee
Cast Jared, Chad, Bryan, Jose, Ben, Nick, Corey, Craig, Destin
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Sony's The Tester

Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack was wondering what Microsoft's answer to Sony's The Tester would be. The commercial begins with Jared - witer/actor/comedian/gamer. After the success of The Tester, Microsoft has put together their own show, The Testee. Microsoft sent a casting call all over the world and received ten auditions, and of those ten, seven remain.

Chad (W4ff3lz) - W4ff3lz is good at every game he plays, and if someone is lucky enough to beat him, he gets pissed. The more angrier he gets, the more motivated he gets.

Bryan (Ant) - Also known as Antidisestablishmentarianism. Or Anti. Or Ant. While he looks cute and cuddly, no one will see him coming, while he infuriates them on his way to becoming The Testee.

Jose (Melting Pot) - Melting Pot has something no one else has. He's Mexican, Asian, black, Nigerian. He doesn't care about the competition, he just wants a job.

Ben (LDB) - LDB thinks of himself as a nice guy. He likes doing nice things for people because it's the fastest way to get inside a girl's pants.

Nick (Azn xplozion) - He has strict parents, who don't let him play the games. He tells a story about being tricked into the girl's bathrooms.

Corey (Nicky) - Nicky likes playing Call of Duty. She wants to rip her clothes off and roll around with the controller.

Craig (/Wrists) - /Wrists says that his experience with Super Mega Ultra Combo Gamer was a good one, and enjoyed making friends and can't wait to do t again. He then starts crying.

Back to Jared, who states that these seven competitors will be tested with and against each other and scored by a panel of judges, which includes Jared, Xbox Lives Major Nelson (who is Destin smiling and waving), and a third guy who they will pick up off the street.

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