The Tank Returns is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

The Tank Returns
Cast Craig, Jose, Chad, Bryan, Nick, Ben
Intro Host Jose
Upload Date May 9th 2012
Clip / Ad Sega Saturn Bomberman

Synopsis Edit

Nick has broken his computer by having too many applications open at the same time (43!). Ben tells him to take the laptop to Craig, but Nick doesn't want to. Ben doesn't want to help as he is training for the Super Mega Ultra Combo Gamer.

Nick walks into Craig's office, and finds that Craig is taking a break. Nick explains that he was working on the best video he's ever made, and then a bunch of applications opened up by magic. Craig gets angry and calls Nick a moron before touching Nick with his foot, causing Nick to explode. Craig steps out of his office to find a terrified Chad sitting on a chair. Chad runs away claiming that Jose is not working.

Craig finds a PC and blows it up for not being a Mac. He blows up arcade machines and a box. He tries to put up various drink containers, but they all explode in his hands. Craig gets upset, and accidentally destroys a table. He goes to find Jose, because Chad told him that Jose wasn't working, only to find that Jose is working at three computers. Craig goes to see what Jose is working on, and finds that he has the chat open on all three computers. He blows Jose up.

Chad and Bryan are considering finding another job, when Bryan finds a flyer for the Super Mega Ultra Combo Gamer. Chad reckons that someone could get a lot of money out of a competition like that, and leaves. Bryan discovers that there is no prize, but fails to see Craig sneaking up behind him. Craig then blows Bryan up.

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